Sustainable Planet,
Sustainable Business

At Dataflex, we’re honest and transparent, following both the letter and spirit of the law. We always try to minimize our environmental impact.

We look to do what’s best by all our stakeholders, are open to criticism and seek out partners who share our core values. Because we want to do things even better tomorrow than we did them today.

We present our first public sustainability report this year. In it you can read about our vision and concrete plans for the future in a continuously changing world.

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People & Society

Treating people with respect

We offer our employees an ergonomically healthy workplace, competitive benefits and make them valued members of the Dataflex family. We try to build lasting relationships with stakeholders based on trust.

We challenge discrimination, bribery and corruption, and make sure there’s no child labor, modern slavery or conflict minerals anywhere in our supply chain.

We prioritize a healthy, sustainable business over short-term profit-chasing. So we invest in the future: of our people, portfolio and quality systems. And believe mutually beneficial long-term partnerships lead to greater efficiency and stability, helping create value for everyone our business touches.

Our Workplace

Practicing what we preach

Doing well… We’ve installed everything from led lighting and energy-efficient workplace monitors to hyper-efficient air conditioning and a shredder to turn waste cardboard into protective filling material. We’ve banned Styrofoam from our packaging and 80% of our vehicles are hybrid or fully electric. And we use only green electricity and CO2-compensated natural gas.

And we’re still not satisfied!

Aiming for better… We’re continuously enhancing both our LCA and Return programs. For example, we are now ISO14001 certified for our entire environmental management system and soon to start selling refurbished products. Meanwhile we’re constantly making improvements to our workplace, such as our energy-efficient new lighting plan.

Life Cycle Assessment

The heart of Dataflex’s environmental management system

With LCA, we calculate the environmental impact of a product’s entire life cycle, from mining the raw materials to its finally disposal.

We can also see the exact sources of that impact and translate those activities into their financial cost on the environment. Allowing us to directly compare the impact of different activities and decide where it’s smartest to focus our efforts.

Ecosheets: helping you go greener

We put Ecosheets on our website product pages to let you see the environmental impact of that product. Because we want to be transparent and honest. And help you make informed choices and hopefully encourage you to enter into a recycling agreement with us.

Environmental Product Declarations

Total transparency

For 15 of our most popular products, we’ve also developed EPDs. More detailed than Ecosheets, EPDs are calculated against strict Product Category Rules and checked externally. They show a product’s exact environmental impact and make it easier to compare the impact of different products across our sector. Helpful for tenders, product planning and your own sustainability goals.

We're carbon neutral!

In 2020 we have started to use the LCA data that we've gathered to compensate all our carbon emissions for the previous year.

We’re doing this by partnering with Trees for All, and investing in reforestation and preservation projects.

This means that every time you buy a Dataflex product, you're not only investing in a great ergonomic accessory, you're investing in the planet.

Restoration and protection of Kibale National Park

Read more about this project

Return Program

Guaranteeing the big environmental gains

About 95% of the environmental impact of our products comes from mining raw materials and processing used materials. Recycling the materials would significantly reduce that impact.

The Dataflex Return Program is simple: a customer promises to return a product they no longer need and we ensure it’s properly recycled.

What next?

Salvaging and reusing undamaged parts saves melting them down into new materials: a big environmental gain. Which is why we’re working hard in both product and system design to make this widely possible in the near future. The new Bento range, for example, has been developed following circular principles.