When you can't afford to compromise

Viewmaster uses only cutting-edge manufacturing processes and the very best materials to create versatile products that perform in even the toughest circumstances. The finest designs, production standards and aluminium alloy combine to give you what you need: smooth, stable, balanced products that work effortlessly how and when you want them to, and keep on working, no matter what.

Viewmaster monitor arm with awards


Finest materials

The basis of a great product is the material from which it's made. Because we use high strength ADC-10 aluminium alloy, you know your Viewmaster product will take whatever life throws at it.

Refined stability

We apply the industry's strictest standards to cutting-edge manufacturing processes. The result? High-precision engineering that delivers excellent stability and silky-smooth handling.

Complete reliability

A collection of versatile products that always remain balanced and stable. Even in those demanding work environments where the guarantee of enduring quality is an absolute must.

Viewmaster product groups

  • Monitor arms
  • Multi-monitor system

    Monitor arms

    High-precision monitor arms engineered for balance yet made from a high-strength ADC-10 aluminium alloy. Read more

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    Multi-monitor system

    Designed for the most testing environments, these genuinely high quality multi-monitor solutions have a modular design that lets you achieve exactly the setup you want. Read more

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