Overview of the entire Bento series

The Addit Bento® product series

The family of ergonomic desktop accessories that is designed for the way we work today and turns your workspace into an organised, practical and comfortable workstation!

Research shows that nearly 7 out of 10 office workers suffer from the negative physical effects of poor ergonomics. This should come as no surprise, considering that most people have to adopt poor posture when working on their desktop computer, notebook or tablet.

No worries: the Addit Bento® product series is here to swing the odds in your favour!

This beautifully designed family of ergonomic desktop accessories lets you get comfortable and organised at your desk, from the office or from home. It doesn’t matter whether you like to work using your favourite devices or with printed documents and notes; Addit Bento® supports the way you like to get your work done.

Addit Bento® Ergonomic toolbox


Notebook stand, tablet stand, in-line document holder and personal storage box combined into a single amazing package!


Ideal for home offices, shared-desk environments or activity-based areas.


Organise, store and carry your personal items inside (helping to maintain a clean desk policy).


Use your notes, documents and all of your favourite devices together ergonomically.


Tilt your device to one of the 4 ergonomic settings and reap the benefits of healthy body posture.

Addit Bento® Monitor stands


Raise your monitor or desktop computer to eye-level and reap the benefits of healthy body posture.


Also serves as a handy storage space for the Bento ergonomic toolbox


Keeps your monitor perfectly stable and your desk scratch-free.

A one-of-a-kind product series

To meet different needs, the products within the Addit Bento® family are available separately or as a set. Each Bento® product has a simple yet effective design that is sure to complement any desk and offers its own specific practical and ergonomic benefits. Addit Bento® is available in two colour schemes: good morning white and nice evening black.

Design Story

In co-operation with Dutch Designer Robert Bronwasser, we reimagined some of our most popular ergonomic desktop accessories. Our goal was to make these ‘Dataflex classics’ more relevant to today’s multi-faceted working environments.

Take for instance the increasing number of people that work from home or commute to a shared-desk environment at the office. Flexible working and hot desking are common practice now. Agile working has also become a mainstream concept and has given rise to scrum rooms and activity-based areas.

Dynamic work environments like that often apply something like a BYOD or clean-desk policy. This means that an ergonomic product needs to be suitable for a wide range of devices but the ability to store and carry around your tools and personal items also comes in to play.

“Along the way of designing the Addit Bento® product series, we got inspired by how a Japanese lunchbox lets you organise, store and carry around your lunch for work. We decided it would be great to apply that concept to an ergonomic product and that is how the Addit Bento® got its name.”

– Robert Bronwasser.

Bento product range

Bento® is a registered trademark of Dataflex International BV
Bento® ergonomic toolbox is patent pending