• addit
    Addit products let you tailor your workstation to your needs.
  • addit
    Addit products let you tailor your workstation to your needs.

So good you forget it's there

You can combine Addit products with any of our other collections to make a good workplace work even better. They tidy away any clutter and let you tailor your workstation to your needs - so you can focus on your job. Simple yet effective solutions designed to complement our entire product portfolio and blend in perfectly with any working environment. Products so good you forget they’re there.

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Finishing touch

From tidying away any cable clutter around desks to mounting large presentation wall displays. Low-cost, ergonomic solutions that transform a good workplace into an optimal one.

Blending in

Addit gives you simple yet effective solutions that match perfectly with all our collections and blend seamlessly into any work environment, which leaves you free to concentrate on more important things.


With the easy-to-combine Addit collection you can create a truly tailored workspace. You can cater to the most varied individual needs or office set-ups by simply complementing any of our other collections with just the right mix of accessories.

Addit product groups

  • Cable management
  • Document holders
  • Monitor risers
  • Laptop risers
  • Posture supports
  • AV solutions
  • Monitor stands
  • Hardware security

    Cable management

    Loose cables. They're ugly, distracting and dangerous. Whether running beside your desk or hanging under it, they give a messy impression and are often just an accident waiting to happen. Read more

    Document holders

    Addit document holders aren't just convenient. They help you maintain a good posture, which can have major ergonomic benefits too. Read more

    Monitor risers

    Addit monitor risers lift your monitor to the appropriate eye level. We've also pioneered the use of acrylic, which isn't only strong. Being transparent, it's also aesthetically appealing and appears to take up less desk space. Read more

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    Laptop risers

    By raising your laptop to eye level, Addit laptop risers facilitate a far better working posture. Read more

    •  Detail van een werkplek uitgerust met houdingssteunen uit de Dataflex Addit collectie

    Posture supports

    Obviously a fast computer, good desk and comfortable chair are important. But to turn an OK workplace into your ideal working environment, you need to get the details right. Read more

    •  Detail van een werkplek uitgerust met AV-oplossingen uit de Dataflex Addit collectie

    AV solutions

    Few modern offices can do without TVs or beamers. But they occupy a lot of space and are highly vulnerable to theft. Read more

    Monitor stands

    An easy and affordable way to get more out of your monitor. Replace your factory stand with one that can be set to suit the needs of anyone in your office, from the tallest to the shortest. Read more

    Hardware security

    Addit hardware security protects your valuable hardware, reducing the chance of theft. Moreover, many insurance companies only compensate your losses from theft if your stolen equipment was appropriately secured. Read more

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