How to ergonomically furnish a home office

Most people are familiar with the ups and downs of a typical working week. In light of those ups and downs, it’s particularly vital to make your way through the week as ergonomically as possible. When you have a permanent workplace in an office, it’s reasonable to expect that achieving this goal will be made possible for you, and perhaps even easy. But when you work from home, do you make sure you have the comfort and benefits of an ergonomic home office? We would be happy to help you work from home in a healthy, sustainable way. So read on, and we will explain the best way for you to achieve this.

Working in a pleasant environment, now and in the future

According to Statistics Netherlands, people in the Netherlands are working from home more and more often. This trend is expected to continue, meaning that in the future, we will be doing our jobs from home much more frequently. This isn’t surprising, as increasing traffic congestion and the ever-more-crowded trains make working from home an appealing option. Still, there are certain caveats. We all occasionally find it difficult to keep our work separate from our private lives, and we have the idea that we should be particularly easy to reach when we are working from home.

In order to resolve this challenge – and more importantly, to enjoy the advantages of working from home – it is vital to ensure an effective division for yourself. This comes down to the manner in which you work, and luckily, there are various ways to structure this effectively. The easiest thing to do is ensure you have a fixed workplace in your home. Next, furnish your office in an ergonomic and comfortable way. Doing so will allow you to work productively and make it easier to get into the proper mindset for work. It sounds logical enough, and it is: when you are sitting in your office, you’re at work. If you are somewhere else, you are taking a break or a day off. Barring exceptions, this is actually very similar to how you would behave in a traditional office setting.

Vital components of an ergonomic home office

Creating a pleasant work environment at home means seeking out ergonomic and comfortable solutions. Doing so will enhance your productivity and enjoyment of your work. But what, then, is the right way to design your home office? People initially often only consider a chair and a desk. While it is indeed important to have an adjustable chair and a desk at the correct height, there are a few other matters that can take your workspace to the next level. Our Viewgo collection is an ideal place to start. Below, several products from this collection are explained for your benefit.

  • Adjustable monitor arm

    The position of your screen or monitor is just as important as having your chair and desk set to the proper heights. Our Viewgo monitor arm allows you to easily adjust the screen to the ideal position, while also leaving more space on your desk. Add to that the stylish design, thanks to the different colours that coordinate with any interior, and you’ll immediately understand why this monitor arm is so well-suited for use in home offices.

  • A computer holder

    A desktop computer on your desk or work surface will easily take up a lot of space. And if you put it on the ground, the device will collect too much dust. So where to put the tower of your PC? A computer holder from the Viewgo collection offers you a simple solution to this problem. Would you prefer a version with castors that can be placed on the ground, or a holder mounted on the underside of your desk? Both options are possible, so you can choose the version that best suits your needs.

The benefits of the Viewgo collection at a glance

While an ergonomic home office is an investment with a short payback time, it remains an investment that you yourself must choose to make. In that light, it’s nice to know what you can count on. Below, you’ll find the primary benefits of our Viewgo collection, so that you’ll know exactly what to expect.

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Ergonomically responsible
  • Easy to install
  • High quality
  • Affordable

Taking the next step with the Addit collection

Once you have the foundation of your ergonomic home office set up, you can begin working with ease and comfort. But it’s likely that there are a few eyesores left. Luckily, we offer the right solutions for those details as well. That’s because ergonomics is about more than just your attitude. It’s also about creating the right work environment: neat, tidy and organised for the benefit of your safety and productivity. Take, for instance, cable management. In an office setting, someone else takes care of this challenge for us – and so at home we often don’t know what approach to take. In the Addit collection, you’ll find the right solution for all types of cables: from protective ducts to cable worms, loops and spirals. In addition to your cable needs, the Addit collection offers solutions in all kinds of other situations as well. From audiovisual tools to document holders, and from support brackets to monitor risers – the Addit collection lets you put the finishing touches on your ergonomic home office.

Trust your own instincts

First and foremost, an ergonomic home office allows you to work in a comfortable and healthy fashion. The specifics of what that entails (after ensuring a proper sitting posture and viewing angle for your monitor) are different for every individual. For this reason, it’s important to trust your own instincts so that your home office will reflect your personal tastes. If you would like more advice on this, we are naturally happy to assist. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!