Guarantee and instructions for use, installation and safety

Included with all our products is a document explaining the ‘Guarantee and instructions for use, installation and safety’ for the product. For your information, the content of the document is provided below in case you do not have the original available.

This document contains important information about the product; it should be read in its entirety before further unpacking, installing or using the product. Failure to follow the instructions in this document can lead to serious personal injury or material damage.

Guarantee terms and conditions

The guarantee certifies solely that DFX will replace any product with an equivalent or repair the product at its own cost if it ceases functioning within the guarantee period after purchase (‘the guarantee’).

The guarantee is void if (i) the defect appears to be due to gross negligence or to the product not being used for its intended purpose, (ii) no proof of purchase can be provided by request of DFX or (iii) it appears that the Guarantee & Safety, Installation and Operating Instructions have not been followed.

The guarantee is limited exclusively to the aforementioned. Specifically, the guarantee should not be interpreted as acceptance of any liability of DFX which does not exist under the current laws and regulations.

Safety instructions

WARNING! The following instructions related to safety should be read fully and carefully! Failure to follow these safety instructions can lead to serious personal injury or material damage.

  1. These Guarantee and instructions for use, installation and safety (‘Instructions’) are part of the product. Keep the Instructions in a place where they can be easily referenced at any time.
  2. Make sure other users of the product also have access to the Instructions in order to guarantee safe use of the product.
  3. If the product is reinstalled after being previously used, the instructions should always be consulted again.
  4. You are urgently advised to have the product installed by experienced technicians.
  5. If the product is intended for mounting another product, for example a monitor, computer or tablet, the installation instructions provided with that product must also be followed closely.
  6. In case of any doubt as to the correct installation method, or if there is a contradiction between the installation instructions in this document and those provided with another product as mentioned under 4, the product should not be installed and/or used. In that case, contact the supplier.
  7. Keep the product and packaging materials out of reach of children! The product is equipped with small parts, which could be swallowed and may cause death by suffocation.
  8. It is very important that any of the product’s rotating/moveable parts can move unimpeded.
  9. Although the product has been designed and produced with the utmost care, the risk of body parts such as fingers becoming trapped can never be fully excluded. Therefore, always install and use the product cautiously and carefully.

Installation and maintenance instructions

  1. These general Installation and Maintenance Instructions are supplementary to the instructions provided with the product, such as installation instructions, and are not intended as a replacement.
  2. Under no circumstances make any alternations to the product. If the product does not meet the needs or requirements for which it was acquired, it should not be used.
  3. Before installation, the adequacy (conditions) of the surface on, to or against which the product will be placed must be checked (thickness, solidity and stability).
  4. The carrying/load capacity of the product must not be exceeded; this is also stated in the Installation Instructions.
  5. Select the diameter and depth of any mounting holes so that all plugs and screws can be secured firmly and without any problems. Before drilling mounting holes, check there are no electricity, water or other pipes running behind the mounting surface.
  6. During use, regularly check if the screw connections of the mounted product are still securely attached to the surface. These connections can become loose through frequent movement.
  7. If the condition of the product is such that the product can no longer be used safely, for example through wear and tear, the product must be taken out of use and care must be taken that it can no longer be operated, even inadvertently or unwittingly by others.
  8. With moveable/adjustable products, take care that the installed product can move unimpeded around its axis.
  9. Cleaning instructions: do not use corrosive or abrasive substances – use only a damp cloth.