Activity Based Working - An office that works for you

Activity Based Working (ABW) is all the rage right now. And why wouldn’t it be? ABW improves health, happiness and productivity by giving employees tailored workspaces to do whatever they need, whenever they need and however they need. It makes offices into more vibrant, dynamic environments, where creativity thrives and inspiration comes naturally.

Alliander headquarters in Duiven, NL.
In this energy positive complex, focus lies on sustainability, flexibility and Activity Based Working. Our Viewlite monitor arms are in use throughout the building.

Implementing ABW in offices provides a unique set of challenges. You have to have serious insight into the multitude of ways in which employees use the office space, predict how it will be used when new work modes and environments are introduced and to top this off, you still want to do it all ergonomically.

That’s where Dataflex comes in. With three complementary solutions, for three of the main challenges in an Activity Based Workspace.

Connectivity and flexibility.

Nothing is more satisfying than having a workspace that’s ready-to-go at arrival. Especially when you are changing work modes several times a day! The Dataflex Link docking station is the perfect solution for this. Just plug one cable into your device (just one cable!) and your screens will light up. Internet (and ethernet) connections will be made and be stable. Your device will even start charging!

Ergonomic posture. For everyone, everywhere.

Switching work modes throughout the day doesn’t mean you have to have bad posture. Even if you land at a desk where the tallest colleague in the building just worked, it doesn’t have to mean your screen isn’t adjusted perfectly for you. The Viewlite plus monitor arm is so flexible, it can be adjusted in an instant, over and over again. Also, with the 360 degree pivot possibilities, it’s easy to share your screen with a colleague on the other side of the desk or table or counter.

At the office, you’ll never lose your stuff again.

One thing that is not often discussed in an Activity Based Work environment, is how to get from A to B to C and back to A again. Enter: Bento. The ergonomic toolbox that makes it possible to carry, store and ergonomically use your bits, bobs and other important office utensils. Bento is not only a toolbox but also a laptop/tablet/document stand, empowering on the spot ergonomic (co-)working.

Additional benefits of this golden triangle of products are available on our website.

Left: SC Johnson open office by Frank Lloyd Wright
Middle: Action office 1964 by Herman Miller
Right: Modern Activity based office with Viewlite Plus monitor arms

From the open libraries where gentlemen came to study in the 1800’s, to Alliander HQ in Duiven; activity based / Agile / open plan working has a rich and long history. With these three Dataflex innovations, we tackle a number of challenges unique to these work modes. Making sure that your workspace works for you, so you can focus on the work at hand.